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Welcome to CCTV Camera Solution company, your one-stop solution for cutting-edge CCTV camera solutions and comprehensive security services. At CCTV Camera Solution, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of CCTV installation, repair, and maintenance services, ensuring the safety and security of your premises.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the wide range of services we offer, with a primary focus on delivering top-notch CCTV camera solutions.

  • Risk Reduction 96% 96%
  • Incident Prevention 96% 96%
  • Data Protection 96% 96%

Troubleshoot & Repair

Facing trouble with cctv surveillance system. Our experts can surely fix it for you at most affordable prices.

Expert Employees

Employees who are engaged in their work and committed to their organizations give.

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We ensure that your products, services and processes follow the latest national and international standards.

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Providing Secured service for your professional personnel Use of Security Camera.


We specialize in the following Services

Wifi Camera Security

Elevate your security standards with the finest WiFi Camera Security from us, your trusted name in CCTV Camera Solutions. At the forefront of innovation, we offer the best WiFi Camera Security services, ensuring unparalleled protection for your premises.

Video Analytics

Empower your surveillance with intelligent insights through our cutting-edge Video Analytics services at us, a leading name in CCTV Camera Solutions. Revolutionize your security infrastructure as we integrate advanced analytics into your CCTV systems.

Finger Print Access

Experience unparalleled security with our state-of-the-art Fingerprint Access User solutions at us, a leader in CCTV Camera Solutions. We bring you the pinnacle of access control technology, ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry.

CCTV Installation

Transform your security landscape with expert CCTV Installation services from us , a pioneer in CCTV Camera Solutions. Our seasoned professionals bring precision and efficiency to every installation, ensuring optimal coverage for your premises.

Circuit Cameras

Elevate your security with Circuit Cameras from us, the forefront of CCTV Camera Solutions. Our Circuit Cameras redefine surveillance, offering discreet and powerful monitoring for your premises. Engineered with precision, our advanced systems provide comprehensive coverage with minimal intrusion.

Home Automation

Experience the future of living with Home Automation services from us, a trailblazer in CCTV Camera Solutions. Beyond securing your space, we bring convenience and control to your fingertips. Our Home Automation solutions seamlessly integrate with your CCTV systems

Laptop Service

As a leading provider in CCTV Camera Solutions, we extend our expertise to offer exceptional laptop services, ensuring your computing needs are met with precision and reliability. Our skilled technicians specialize in assembling bespoke laptops tailored to your unique requirements, whether it’s for business, gaming, or professional use.

Printer Service

As a distinguished provider in CCTV Camera Solutions, we bring our expertise to printer assembly, service, and installation. Our skilled technicians excel in assembling printers tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality for both personal and business use.

Desktop Service

s your comprehensive technology partner, our skilled technicians specialize in assembling, servicing, and installing desktops that cater to your unique requirements. Whether for business, creative endeavors, or personal use, our meticulous desktop assembly ensures optimal performance and reliability.

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Apartment Society Security


Malls Security


Office Business Security




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School College Security

Monitor Every Moment

Hi-Focus is a Security Solutions Provider, We specialize in total integrated surveillance, Data Communication and Storage Solutions


We provide latest CCTV cameras.



We provide the best latest technology for residential and our staff are available in 24/7 at customers call.


We provide the best latest technology of corporate and our staff are available in at customers support.


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My Experience with CCTV Camera Solution was so good. They fitted a system to fit my home’s unique layout and security needs. The installation was seamless, and the picture quality is exceptional. I feel so much safer knowing my family and property are protected. Highly recommended. They are Best CCTV Service New Delhi
Shilpi jain

As a business owner, I needed a reliable CCTV solution to safeguard my store. CCTV Camera Solution came through in every way. Their professional team designed and installed a system that covers all the vulnerable areas. It’s not just about security; it’s peace of mind. Thank you for your exceptional service CCTV King.
Ronit Roy

I’m incredibly impressed with the service from CCTV Camera Solution. They guided me through the process, ensuring I got the best CCTV system for my budget. The installation was quick, and their team’s attention to detail was commendable. Now, I can monitor my Offices from anywhere, and that’s priceless. They are best CCTV Installation Service Provider .
Sunohit Sharma

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Frequently asked questions.

What CCTV services do you offer?
We provide a comprehensive range of CCTV services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and system upgrades. Our expertise covers both residential and commercial surveillance needs.
How do I choose the right CCTV system for my property?
Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your property to recommend the most suitable CCTV system based on factors such as size, layout, and specific security requirements.
Do you offer remote monitoring services?
Yes, we offer remote monitoring solutions that allow you to access live footage from your CCTV cameras through a secure online platform, providing peace of mind wherever you are.
What brands of CCTV cameras do you work with?
We work with reputable brands known for their reliability and advanced features. Our experts can guide you in selecting cameras that meet your needs and budget.
Can you integrate CCTV systems with other security systems?
Absolutely. Our services include integrating CCTV systems with other security measures such as access control systems, alarms, and home automation for a comprehensive security solution.
How often should CCTV systems be maintained?
Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. We recommend scheduling maintenance at least twice a year to check for any issues, update firmware, and ensure all components are functioning correctly.
Do you provide training on using the CCTV system?
Yes, we offer training sessions for clients on how to use and navigate their CCTV systems effectively. This includes accessing footage, adjusting settings, and understanding system alerts.
What should I do if my CCTV system experiences technical issues?
In case of technical issues, our support team is available to assist you. You can reach us through our dedicated support line, and we will dispatch technicians promptly to address and resolve any problems with your CCTV system.